My husband and I acquired our first Dane in 1972.  He was a Harlequin, and was sold to us as “show quality.”   Well, you can probably guess the punch line.”   He was not show quality, but he was a wonderful companion and went everywhere with us:  camping, sledding, hiking, swimming, etc.

Meanwhile we went to some matches, dog shows, and handling classes.  We also read and studied the standard and every book we could find about Danes and handling.  There were not too many dog publications at that time, but we found the dog that we wanted to be behind our foundation in New Hampshire.  His name was CH Dinro’s Simon Templar, bred by Rose Roberts.  Off we went in the motor home from California to New Hampshire.  Long story short – we got a German import male and a dog and bitch sired by Simon, who was the top harlequin in the country.  We also bought a Basset bitch from Simon’s owner, who was my best friend and mentor for over 40 years.

We Bred Bassets and Great Danes for the next 20 years under the name “KIMO” which is a Mojave Indian word for Big Dog.  We were very blesses to have the foundation stock that we had and the mentoring of my best friend.  We have produced many generations of Champions, Specialty winner, group placing and group winning dogs in both breeds.

I applied to judge Bassets first as I was specialing a Great Dane.  When his career was finished.  I applied for Danes.  I am now approved to judge the Working group, the Hound group, juniors, 6 sporting breeds, Shibas and BIS.  I enjoy judging, and I try to make every exhibitor comfortable in my ring and feeling as if their exhibit was judged fairly.  Have judges Specialties for many breeds all over the country and in Canada.   I have judged the Canadian National, and several years ago, I judged the Dane Specialty in New Zealand.  I also judged a Dane, Basset and Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty in Australia.  I was on the Board of the Great Dane Club of America for six years, and I was the Judges’ Education Chairman for the Parent Club.  I completed the production of an educational CD on the Great Dane for judges, breeder, exhibitors, and anyone who wishes to learn about the “Apollo of Dogs,” I am a retired teacher, and I share my home with two Bull Mastiffs and two Border Terriers.