Show Site & Host Hotel

Red Lion Hotel
2300 Evergreen Park Drive
Olympia, WA  98502
Phone: (360) 943-4000 or toll free 1-800-REDLION
For online booking please click here  and  group code is PACI0908
Room Rate:  $89.00

Reservations are due no later than August 20, 2020. Rooms will be released to the general public after this date, at which time they will be offered at the prevailing rate subject to availability. Mention Pacific Northwest Sussex Spaniel Club or Sussex Spaniel Club of America when making reservations.


  1. A maximum of four dogs per room.
  2. There will be a $35 non-refundable fee required for each guestroom. each room will be inspected upon check-out and if extra cleaning is needed or damage has been done to the guestroom each individual will be charged according to the damage.
  3. Dogs must be crated in guestrooms at all times when owners are not in the room. Plastic or a protective sheet is required under all crates in the rooms. The hotel will provide plastic upon check-in. If any dog is found out of their crate without an owner present there will be a $50 per day charge assessed to the guestroom.
  4. Dogs must be leashed, crated, or penned at all times while on the property, except when showing in an obedience or rally ring.
  5. Dogs must be cleaned up after. Please do not permit dogs to urinate on walls, furniture, decor or other inappropriate indoor objects or furnishings. Contact the hotel front desk if you need to clean up inside the hotel or your room. Clean up supplies will be furnished to you. you will be responsible for any additional cleaning charges, if applicable.
  6. Dogs are not permitted to be bathed, groomed, or clipped in the guestrooms, guestroom bathrooms or the public restrooms.
  7. Maid service is REQUIRED each day for any hotel room housing dogs. A Do Not Disturb sign may not be used.
  8. Obey signs – some areas of the hotel grounds are off-limits to dogs. Please respect posted signs and staff directions regarding designated areas.
  9. Owners must pick up outdoors after their dogs. Scoopers or (preferably) plastic baggies need to be deposited in DESIGNATED trash cans only which will be emptied throughout the day by hotel staff. The Club will also furnish designated receptacles.



Take exit 104 to merge onto Highway 101 north. Take the first exit, which is Cooper Point/Auto Mall Dr. SW/ Crosby Blvd. Stay in the far right lane, turn right at top of the ramp at the light onto Cooper Point Rd, Turn right again at next light onto Evergreen Park Dr. SW, take 1st right turn to stay on Evergreen Park Drive SW. Follow for several long blocks and turn right onto Lakeridge Way SW. Drive straight ahead for a long block to enter the Red Lion Parking lot.


Take the last exit before Highway 101 merges into i-5, which is Cooper Point/Auto Mall Dr. SW/Crosby Blvd. Turn left at top of the ramp at the light onto Cooper Point Rd and go over the freeway. At the second light, turn right onto Evergreen Park Dr. SW, take 1st right turn to stay on Evergreen Park Drive SW. Follow the remainder of the directions above.


Seven RV spots are available for RV’s 35 ft. or smaller which include power and water hook-ups. The cost will be $65. No waste hook-ups available. All RV’s on the property that wants to use hotel power and water during the show must have a reservation and be registered with the front desk/hotel. Larger RV’s than the maximum allowed will need to find alternate accommodation. There are numerous State Parks and private RV campgrounds in and around Olympia.


Grooming space is available on the grass under tents. The power will cost $20.00. A bathing tub will be available. NO Grooming or bathing will be allowed in the hotel rooms. The Grooming Tents will be available on Tuesday around 2:00 PM. No access will be available before this.